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About Us

About Us

Like most of our customers you may of found us as you are fed up of the poor quality gym equipment which lacks any unique design or quality and focuses on cutting corners in order to maximise profit.  Just like the text you are reading now we start from scratch building custom made commercial gym equipment which focuses on fixing common problems faced in most gyms or fitness facilities.

At Kustom Kit Gym Equipment we are passionate about providing superior quality gym equipment which allows businesses to stand out in a fitness industry which is highly competitive. No longer can a gym sit on its laurels leaving equipment broken and customers neglected and that is where Kustom Kit can help. Providing bespoke gym equipment which achieves the toughest standards you can be sure our gym equipment will not only provide great aesthetics but also save you money due to the over engineered construction.

quality gym equipment

Cheap gym equipment is imported and sold by the masses in order to make use of cheap foreign labour and poor materials. Our company slogan ‘Where Strength Meets Engineering’ is a value we stand by in everything we do. Instead of trying to compete with poor equipment we concentrate our energy in engineering equipment the right way, the way which guarantee’s you won’t lose business because of poorly functioning or broken equipment and ensures you stand out from the crowd.

We are always seeking to identify and capture new ideas and opportunities and work tirelessly to develop them into functional products which suit any facility from an independent commercial gym to a sporting rugby club.

Kustom Kit Gym Equipment was formed in September 2013 by Christian Dyte. Having competed competitively in Powerlifting over several years Christian has an in depth knowledge of what is needed to create innovative yet functional gym equipment. After using cheap gym equipment in a number of gyms around the UK it was clear that the designers and manufacturers of this equipment not only knew nothing about the ideal structure of the equipment to recruit the correct muscle fibers but they would also cut costs in engineering in order to create low cost gym equipment able to be exported in huge quantities.

Our gym equipment business started after forming close links with the BDFPA (British Drug Free Powerlifting Federation) when they needed a multi purpose squat stand which could be converted to a bench press but met all IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) specifications. We worked on producing a strong yet versatile prototype and the Kombo Rack was born and had its release at the World Powerlifting Championships at Scotstoun Stadium (Home of the Glasgow Warriors Rugby Club) in November 2013.

quality gym equipment

Why should you choose us to buy your gym equipment?

There is a vast difference between us and the majority of UK Gym equipment manufacturers. The main difference is the fact that we use the gym equipment that we build. We have extensive experience both in the engineering and fitness industry with our lead engineer having over 20 years experience in precision engineering in the aerospace industry. Our members of staff bring a wealth of knowledge from each area of the business enabling us to delivery high quality products and superior service. When you buy gym equipment from Kustom Kit you receive the very best quality, exceptional customer service which is friendly and fast and all at a competitive price. Want to learn more about UK Gym Equipment manufacturing? Click to read ourguide which shows you more about what makes cheap gym equipment and what makes the best gym equipment

What is our commercial gym equipment guarantee?

We have made a pledge to all our customers that when you buy commercial gym equipment from Kustom Kit Gym Equipment you will not only recieve the very best quality, the best customer service but you will also get our 10 year guarantee. Our guarantee states that if anything snaps we will fix or replace it at no cost. All of our gym equipment from our Catalyst Power Rack to our Adjustable Bench is over engineered to ensure it stands up to the hardest training sessions in any gym.

Meet the Team

Managing Director

Christian Dyte is our Managing Director. Having started in the company Christian is passionate about the products which are produced and the service provided and works tirelessly to design, develop and build the very best gym equipment available.  Having had a background in Powerlifting you may instantly see the tough design and over engineered specification in all equipment.

Christian Dyte



Steve carries out our welding and fabrication and has large amounts of experience in fixing issues and solving problems. Steve studied welding from an early age and having grown up in an agricultural setting has been able to refine his knowledge over the years.

Steve studied


Kim has competed in Bodyfitness within the UKBFF and is currently studying towards a qualification under the Chartered Institute of marketing and is the ideal person to contact with regards to any marketing opportunities or idea’s. Kim can be contacted on

Kim Dyte

Gym Equipment Suppliers and Manufacturers in the UK

Leading the way with improvements and suggestions are our dedicated contacts within the Strength and engineering community. By having such a vast knowledge at our disposal helps strengthen the bond between the customer and our company. This commitment and desire to succeed helps us to deliver equipment with compelling designs, flawless quality and superior strength.

Develop and Innovate Commercial Gym Equipment

Our company tagline ‘Where Strength meets Engineering’ reinforces our pledge to the customer and helps us understand the importance of what Kustom Kit is trying to achieve. Using our knowledge and dedication this short sentence will support our aimto produce the strongest commercial equipment in the World. By operating efficiently, communicating with excellence and applying our own views on production quality we are continually capturing new opportunities and identifying areas for growth.

Create long term customer relationships

Trust is the bedrock of any relationship and at Kustom kit we take nothing for granted. We concentrate our efforts on ensuring the customer is advised at each stage of their company interaction. We pride ourselves on offering a first class customer journey as well as offering some of the finest quality gym equipment in the World. Through our relationship with customers we strive to create honest and forthcoming brand promoters who passionately tell others about their customer experience.

The finer details count

At Kustom Kit we are continually challenging ourselves to improve and develop in a fast moving marketplace. Because of this we understand the importance of making an impact whether it be in the design, durability or finishing touches in our products. We continually research processes and methods to provide the finishing touches in order to fulfil our products aim. By doing this we can refine and improve the aspects of our commercial gym equipment which makes us stand out from our competitors.

Listen customers feedback and apply changes

Our company wants customers to feel confident about their decision to purchase from us. Although we research, craft and use our own equipment we understand that customer opinions bring us a wealth of knowledge from many angles. We listen and apply this knowledge in order to build upon our product design and strengthen our roots within our fast paced industry. We will continue to deliver feedback and welcome suggestions whether it be good or bad.

Our vision as a company

From hotels to performance centres we are enthusiastic and motivated to help our customers achieve success in their facility. Working to provide luxury gym equipment across the globe we understand that one size does not fit all and at Kustom Kit we have the facility to accommodate large orders and customise elements according to specification when this is required.

Our customer service is second to none and we pride ourselves on offering a trouble free customer journey. Along with our strategic trade partners, we are have broadened our reach across the UK fitness market targeting residential and commercial customers. Over the coming years we aim to move forward into Europe and the Far East in order to provide the high quality that our industry so desperately needs. From Sydney to New York our eventual aim is to make our brand a symbol of quality and craftsmanship.

Whilst providing a robust frame we have styled our innovative gym equipment to look at home in any setting. Kustom Kit works toward developing a range of methods in order to reduce lead time while increasing our range of products in order to shape the future of the fitness industry. We are currently progressing towards an increase in size of our manufacturing facility. Unlike competitors we carry most of our range of gym equipment in stock bringing the lead time down from an 8-10 week industry average to just 10-15 business days.

By increasing our manufacturing output and storage capability it allows us to hold a greater stock and dispatch goods quicker than before. We continue to create and invest in global partnerships in order to connect a diverse range of customers and services to our products. We welcome new opportunities and collaborations in order to satisfy demands of the worldwide market.

Our Innovative Commercial Gym Equipment Pledge

At Kustom Kit we believe in acting responsibly and take every step to ensure components and materials purchased are manufactured in the United Kingdom. We do not focus on price as an overriding factor. Extremely low production prices indicate a lack of quality in products due to shortcuts in production or by means of offering staff an unsustainable low wage. The very best engineering, steel and components go into all our strength equipment and this will always be the Kustom Kit way. We don’t compromise on our commercial gym equipment and ensure the very best standards and tests are applied before our products go to market. This enables us to offer a lifetime guarantee on cracking frames and a 10 year guarantee on linkages. Our belief is so strong we make that pledge to you