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Want to get the very best out of your gym equipment?

Friday, 12 February 2016 00:17:47 Europe/London

There is no escaping it, greater emphasis is being put on fitness today than ever before. However, it is difficult not to feel that to a degree this is very much a knock-on effect from the extraordinary achievements of some of today’s highest-profile athletes. You only have to look at the physique of today’s athletes to realise there has been a massive sea-change in the last 20 years as to how athletes both train and also look. Take the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Unless you have been on another planet for the last 10 years you will have not been able to avoid seeing pictures of his incredibly honed physique which is worlds apart from previous footballing stars such as Gary Lineker, Thierry Henry or Luís Figo.   

The word ‘elite’ may seem a little OTT to describe a sportsman, but when at the top of their ‘profession’ these sportsmen are the elite of their generation. However, no longer will natural ability alone see you join this class of sportsmen, or even those who are professional sportsmen in whatever light. Natural ability has to be enhanced and its potential has to be maximised to both reach the top and stay at the top. If performing regularly won’t achieve this, then the only option is to look at your training and to work out where you need to spend more time. As you can clearly see, Cristiano Ronaldo does not spend all his time training on a soccer pitch but likely spends nearly as much time in the gym.

Here at Kustom Kit for some time we have seen this change it athletes training needs. However, what this change also highlighted was the lack of bespoke commercial gym equipment. Sure, there have been plenty of gyms equipped with a bog-standard range of equipment from treadmills to bicycles, rowing machines to weights, but little separated one brand of equipment from another – they have all been pretty much generic. This is no use to performance athletes who need to be able to target their training sessions to specific areas of their body.

The other type of sportsmen who seriously benefits from top-quality commercial gym equipment designed for very specific tasks are those who are in rehab. One of the biggest problems with athletes who are at peak fitness is that they are also prone to injury and as any sportsman will tell you, being injured does nothing other than drive you completely up the wall! However, the biggest problem with rehabilitation is the desire of an athlete to overdo the training in a desperate bid to get back to full fitness however the use of the wrong equipment can do more harm than good, especially after a long-term injury which has kept an athlete out of commission for months as opposed to weeks.
Kustom Kit designs and produces tailor-made commercial gym equipment for any and every athlete and for any and every specific need. As a consequence, if you are thinking of creating a gym for elite sportsmen and sportswomen, or if you are a performance athlete who wants to get the best out of their body, why not give us a call and let’s discuss how we can provide you with exactly what you want and need.

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Colin Jarvis

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