Have you always wanted a set of competition standard powerlifting plates?

Take Advantage of our Chrome Calibrated Powerlifting Plates

We have the solution:

Hundreds of hours have been spent in our workshop crafting these stunning plates and we have finally been able to release details and approve the product for release. We are offering these plates at a very special price for 14 days only

What this means for you:

Not only are you buying a beautiful piece of engineering, you are getting additional features and benefits not seen on other calibrated discs, and for a lower price! You’d be mad to miss this offer


Let’s compare our competition plates

We manufacture our discs exclusively in the United Kingdom allowing us to meet stringent testing and quality controls ensuring we conform to critical international Power lifting specifications.

Whilst designing our plates we opted to use steel rather than cast iron, there are two exceptionally good reasons for this.

The first:

Cast iron is particularly brittle, not the ideal material to use on plates which are dropped from height and thrown into racks

The second:

Cast iron, unlike steel, is extremely susceptible to changes in density and tiny air pockets which effect the finished weight of the plate. We want every plate to be as close to the required weight as possible (within 0.25% or 10g whichever is higher)

What’s the difference between standard Olympic discs and calibrated power lifting plates?

The main reason we use Power lifting discs in competition is to allow for a greater weight load on the barbell where standard olympic discs wouldn’t fit. By using thinner discs it allows the lifter to load more weight onto the bar and keep the weight closer to the centre of gravity eliminating whip.

Physics dictate how thin the plate can be made whilst being made to the correct competition dimensions but thanks to our material choice and machining process we have been able to create plates that are on average almost 3mm thinner than standard power lifting discs whilst still providing exceptional strength and good looks.

The good news doesn’t stop there though:

You have probably experienced the frustration of the difficulty in picking up one of these weights off from the floor due to their thin design?

We have a groove which covers the entire circumference of the plate which allows you to easy grip the edge of the plate and lift it from the floor. There’s more to the groove though:

Due to our fully chromed appearance judges and lifters would normally find it impossible to check the weights when fully loaded onto a barbell. We made use of our groove and added the colour of the plate inside the groove, protecting it from damage and allowing for easy identification on the lifting platform.

Why do the discs have a chrome appearance?

Most of us have owned gym equipment that now looks rather worse for wear after consistent heavy duty use. This is especially true with Olympic discs and even more so for Power lifting plates which are used with huge loads on a daily basis.

There’s a downside to most weight discs:

Most calibrated discs are powder coated

Although this is cheap and allows for easy plate identification powder coating is extremely sensitive to chipping and damage which leaves exposed steel or iron in danger of rusting. No one wants your expensive investment rusting after a short period.

Our plating process coats the plate in a clear zinc passivate providing a near mirror finish while protecting the plate from corrosion and chipping.

And we don’t stop there:

Thanks to our design process we have the ability to modify the standard Kustom Kit logo to include your commercial gym, strength and conditioning facility or barbell club, just send over the logo and let us do the rest

Combine a set of these luxury calibrated discs with one of our competition combo racks for a set up that will be the envy of everyone

Take advantage of our limited time offer today and contact us. Offer ends 31/07/2016