Over recent years there has been a fair amount of bad press concerning gyms, and especially gym memberships. To a certain degree while there was a market which had been created through a clear general message that exercise is good for health, joining a gym was not necessarily good for your bank balance and once a member, it was very difficult to extract yourself from any membership contract.

As we specialise in commercial gym equipment here at Kustom Kit Gym Equipment we always keep a close eye on trends and we have become very much aware of one of the main reasons why gym use is on the increase. In fact, in one article in the Guardian newspaper it indicated that between 2014 and 2015, gym membership payments increased by 44%.

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Now while you might be thinking that contradicts many people’s attitude towards tied-in gym memberships, this increase in revenue is down to a new raft of commercial gyms that do not require any long-term commitment from members. In fact, many of these gyms are open to the general public and who perhaps charge a daily use fee of around £5.00, which is great news. What is particularly clever about this type of gym is that you can try it out for £5.00 and then if you like the setup, you can then take out a flexible membership.

  It is with the rise of these more independent and one-off gyms that we have also seen a substantial rise in the demand for commercial gym equipment. As our name implies, we specialise in providing custom-built gym equipment to suit what our clients want rather than what we tell them they are going to get. This is particularly important for where a good number of gym owners are looking to attract a more niche market rather than the general keep fit one. Pick up any lifestyle magazine today and where men are concerned, and it is fair to say women also, the wash board-flat six-pack abs have become the Holy Grail of the younger generation and, as a result, more and more gyms are looking for commercial gym equipment that are designed to target abs during a workout.

What we are also aware of here at Kustom Kit is the demand for quality and robustness of gym equipment. In the same way people take a car for a test drive and check out the quality of the interior as much as the car’s performance, for commercial gyms who wish to build a solid membership, not only does the equipment have to do the job in question, but it also has to look good not just today, but in a year or two’s time. Using only the highest grade materials, and highly-qualified engineers and designers, Kustom Kit is rapidly gaining nationwide recognition as a supplier of some of the highest quality commercial gym equipment available today.

So, whether it is for the creation of a home gym, or a commercial gym, we would genuinely appreciate a call from you and we will be more than happy to discuss in detail your specific requirements.