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Opening up a gym?

Sunday, 6 March 2016 19:35:21 Europe/London

Opening up a gym?

10 Tips for Building A Gym as a Business

Setting up a gym business

Opening a gym as a new business can seem daunting at first, but we’ve cut to the chase and compiled the top things you need to consider when looking to open a new gym start up. You need to ask yourself some important questions to see if a commercial gym is something you really want

1) Gym Location

This is important

  • Have you assessed the local economy,businesses and most importantly the competition?

  • Have you looked at the road networks at peak times? Could the gym be difficult to access?

  • Have you obtained information on local council regulations and planning restrictions, does this effect accepted opening times?

  • Look closely at any planning permission – What issues may be faced and how can they be avoided?

  • Think about immediate neighbours to the gym (commercial and non commercial) consideration must be given to noise and traffic

  • Is there enough parking?

  • How many people can your gym safely hold?

  • How will you manage member numbers at peak periods?

2)Identify Gym members Customer Base and Target Demographic

  • Why do customers need your gym?

  • Whats going to be different about it?

  • Are you putting the best equipment in? A larger variety of equipment? Unusual equipment?

  • Are you going to look at additional facilities e.g pool, sauna, steam room?

  • Have you considered your target demographic? Is it going to targeted to Men or Women or mixed gender? Do you have a target Age range or profession?

  • Is the business going to be set up as a commercial gym for getting fit or is it going to be targeted towards certain disciplines e.g a bodybuilding gym would focus more on free weights with less cardio where as a women only gym may focus more on cardio machines and gym cable machines due to the safety and lower weights used

3)Gym Facility Unique Selling Point

  • What is the commercial gym’s unique selling point? Large open spaces/ unusual decor/ a DJ playing on Friday nights/ unusual equipment or colour coded equipment according to muscles trained or will you opt for additional services such as beauty salon or physio therapy

  • How will you offer a better service than bigger gyms? You will struggle to compete on price when putting yourself against corporate owned gyms so you must add value into your business

  • What do you offer that the big gyms can’t? Better service, better advice, better equipment, better atmosphere or longer opening hours?

4) Upselling Additional Products and Services in your gym

Have you considered what can be used to generate extra revenue for the gym

Some ideas for additional benefits and features:

  • Protein Products

  • Beauty Products and Treatments

  • Physio Advice and Treatments

  • Sunbeds

  • Clothing and Accessories

  • Seminars

  • Competitions

  • Guest appearances

  • Personal Trainers

5)Resolving Common Gym Problems

  • Ensuring direct debits are paid – Keyless entry to the gym via swipe card to ensure members are up to date?

  • Will you be paid monthly (uncertainty comes with this) or will you tie people into contracts?

  • Will you offer tiered membership schemes depending on hours attended or perks received to ensure members value your business

  • Do you have funds set aside for repairs and maintenance?

  • Have you looked at potential increases in costs such as insurance?

  • Staff sickness?

  • Have you budgeted for the important things like tea and coffee!

6)Setting A Gym Budget

  • Have you set realistic budgets?

  • Have you allowed for overspend?

  • Do you have time constraints on completion of the new commercial gym and have you allowed for over run?

  • How will you market your commercial gym?

  • Will you set up employer gym discounts in local area to entice regular gym members?

  • Will you lease purchase, lease hire or buy commercial gym equipment outright?

  • Are there benefits to each type of purchasing?

7)Gym Business Plan and Marketing

  • Have you carried out market research to ensure you are targeting the correct demographic?

  • Have you assessed initial investment and a 12 month projection of profits when your business grows?

  • What are the membership costs? Will you offer on or off peak tariffs and will they be tiered to get discounts off of valued added services

          E.g pay £10 more on a gold membership but receive 20% off supplements and/or physio?

Word of mouth is often the best marketing, but consider the following:

  • Effectiveness and reach of Leaflet drops

  • Local paper advertising or a way to get free PR

  • Local radio

  • Sponsorship of an event

  • Will you offer discounts to customers of another business that will bring you the right customers e.g health food shop or restaurant

8)Gym Construction and Running Costs

  • How much have you budgeted to renovate or improve the building you are looking at renting or purchasing?

  • Building costs?

  • Changing facilities?

  • Reception?

  • Paint?

  • Lighting?

  • Planning applications (what type do you need and what external agencies will you need to involve, architects/solicitors?)

  • Security alarms?

  • Air conditioning?

  • What flooring will you use?

  • Why is certain flooring better than others?

  • Maintenance – Do you have a Maintenance schedule, will you contract this out to large fitness equipment maintenance company?

  • Staffing costs – Will you employ or staff it most hours yourself?

  • Will you make use of self employed people to run the gym whilst they earn money from your business e.g personal trainers?

  • How is the gym going to be cleaned, do you employ a cleaner or do it yourself?

  • Have you considered Personal Trainers – Will you utilise them and charge rent to help cover costs and staff the gym early or late hours? How will they be vetted, are they self employed and how would you recruit?

9)Gym Health and Safety Policy

Some points to consider:

  • Do you have a health and safety policy?

  • Are signs displayed?

  • Do they correctly show risks and limit accidents?

  • What do you do in case of fire or emergency?

10)Gym Equipment – Custom Made

Refer to our article on choosing the best gym equipment and the importance of it. Are you looking for guarantees, leasing or buying? Innovative equipment, bright colours and/or customisation or simply looking to increase your unique selling point? Read your articles and ensure you are setting up the best gym with the best commercial gym equipment or contact us today

Help In Converting A Room In Your Home To A Gym

Do you really want a gym or is it just a pipe dream? Quite often people opt for a simple conversion of a room in their house and fill it with the best quality commercial gym equipment they can afford. This gives them the independence they crave and an environment they can manage, as well as saving them a lot of money on gym fee’s.  Depending on the room dimensions it is possible to make great use of space by implementing equipment which can be used for a number of exercises. Something like a power rack would work wonder in a small garage gym set up. If you have unusual or large spaces it may require custom made equipment to fit the specific space. We hope the following advice helps you make a decision on if you see a gym as a viable business or you should stick to setting up your own small garage gym.


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