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A day in the life.....Kustom Kit Gym Equipment

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 07:45:58 Europe/London

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Red Gym Install 

Build your gym equipment around your training needs rather than the other way round

If you are a performance athlete then while your results are the most important thing, how you go about achieving those results is the second most important thing. In fact, you could almost say what you do to achieve results is actually more important as without quality training, outstanding results are unachievable. Go back 15, or even 10 years and performance training used to follow a “one size fits all” philosophy and minor tweaks could be made to establish training routines to best suit individual athletes.

Today things are different. The increase in understanding a sportsman’s body has led to the realisation that individual athletes within the same sport have differing needs. As a great deal of training for the majority of sports involves a combination of strength and fitness, time spent in the gym needs to be time well spent. However, “making do” with whatever equipment is available is no longer acceptable. There is now a very strong demand for custom built commercial gym equipment that is not only of the highest quality, but which is specifically designed to meet the exacting needs of today’s performance athlete.

So much about sport relates to confidence, and that confidence extends to being confident in the belief that the training you are doing is having maximum benefit. As a consequence, you need to have confidence that the equipment you are using is doing its job properly and will not let you down at crucial times in your training regime. Here at Kustom Kit all our commercial gym equipment is designed by performance athletes in conjunction with highly specialised technicians and engineers to ensure that every piece we produce is going to do exactly what is required of it.

Performance athletes will often only have a small window of opportunity in which to reach peak performance – it is impossible to remain at the top of your game for extended periods of time unless, of course, your name is Roger Federer! However, if you are a sprinter, power lifter, bodybuilder or rugby player, you need time your levels of optimum fitness and strength to coincide with major events.

Having access to equipment that has been specifically designed and built to maximise the benefits of all the time and effort you put into training is a must for all serious athletes and as many of us at Kustom Kit have experienced the high pressure environment of competition at the top level, before we created Kustom Kit we had to put up with whatever equipment we could get our hands on and try and get it to do what we needed, often without complete success. It is nothing short of demoralising when you feel you are putting in 100% but only getting 90% back. At the top level of sport this is an unacceptable return on personal investment.

To find out more about what we are talking about here at Kustom Kit in Wrington, near Bristol, why not give us a callor, better still come and visit us and let’s have a chat about how we can build some bespoke commercial gym equipment to meet your specific needs.

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Want to get the very best out of your gym equipment?

Wednesday, 16 March 2016 20:46:16 Europe/London

Improvements in equipment are happening quickly - Contact us today to see how we can help youRead More
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