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This Olympic flat bench is manufactured using super tough steel box section and incorporates solid 8mm thick electroplated bar catchers and is one of the most robust benches you will find on the market. 

The bench is stiffened up by the use of a central brace and it's built using a 10mm threaded hole so you can rest assured that it will stand up to the most extreme use. 

The high quality upholstery is bolted to a reinforced steel plate which will provide you with plenty of stability no matter how heavy the weight you are lifting.  Other features include the oversize chequer foot plates making it easy for your spotter to assist you. 

Built to competition sizing, the bench is the perfect width, height and distance from the ground so is ideal for powerlifters.

You can also opt to add the personal touch to this bench by having your gym logo embroidered onto a sweat wrap.


Yes! As standard, you'll find the bench is pre-drilled with holes which allow for upgrades including weight horns in either a vertical or horizontal position and bolt on band pegs. You can choose to add these features either now or in the future depending on your requirements.


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