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    A flat weights bench is great to perform many exercises such as close grip barbell press, dumbbell chest press, one arm dumbbell row and skull crushers thereby making it a key piece of equipment. 

    Ours is rated to handle a significant amount of weight and as it's hand made from 4mm steel box section you'll find it super strong and sturdy to use.   What's more the reinforced upholstery plate gives the bench extra rigidity and helps in providing you with a firm base to undertake your training. 

    It conforms to the majority of powerlifting competition specifications with the bench sitting at 450mm from the floor with its high density foam and stitched upholstery giving you years of trouble free use. The benefit of utilising a competition flat bench is that the height allows for near perfect foot placement during pressing movement thanks to its single pillar design.

    As it's such as a versatile bench it's ideal to use within a Power Rack and is equally at home when you're using it for stretches or free weight exercises.

    You can opt to include 8mm thick spotter platforms and stainless steel wheels as seen on our adjustable bench giving you the ultimate flat bench!

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