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Tired of moving plates around the gym? Keep them on hand with the Insignia V4!

The Insignia V4 Bench Press features the same heavy duty design as our other Insignia range of benches and is built here in the UK from robust 4mm steel section.
Benefiting from a total of six weight horns evenly spaced you can easily store over 750kg of weight plates with full size plates on each level. 

You'll find that adding and removing plates is easy thanks to the convenience of having the weight trees at the rear of the bench press.
Unlike the Commercial V2 or V5 Bench this model does not offer barbell weight levers. However, the engraved bar catchers offer convenient handles to increase bar height. 

As standard it's fitted with stainless steel rollers resulting in easy centering of your bar regardless of the weight loaded on to it. 
What other features does this bench press offer?

It comes fitted with six band pegs so you'll be able to add plenty of versatility with your bench press training.   

As it's built to International Powerlifting Federation specification it's also perfect for all you powerlifters out there.

The spotter platforms are manufactured from thick chequer plate and positioned directly over the head of the weights bench to make passing out heavy weights a breeze.

Built to last using ultra thick threaded connections

Just like most of our benches, we use a reinforcing cross beam built using a huge 10mm thick thread giving extreme strength and rigidity during the heaviest of benching sessions.

The finer details include the holes which are engraved and zinc plated offering protection against chipping and significantly reduces the chances of rust which can often be seen on powder coated gym equipment.

The benefit of the numbering is that you won't need to waste time counting holes to find your ideal unrack position giving you consistency and speed throughout each and every bench session.

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