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Not only do powerlifting platforms provide a solid and stable base for deadlifting, they also help to protect the floor beneath them and, of course, your bars and plates. 

By absorbing the shock, the user will find lifting on the platform much more comfortable as opposed to lifting on a concrete floor and if the weight is dropped there will be little to no damage and a big reduction in noise. 

The Kustom Kit Powerlifting Platform has been designed according to Powerlifting rules with a 2.5m x 2.5m solid rubber lifting platform.  Unlike other platforms, ours is made with individual 500mm tiles to allow for easy transportation to and from powerlifting events.  It’s both quick and easy to disassemble and reassemble. 


You can even choose to add band pegs which will allow for greater versatility if the platform is to be used in a commercial gym environment. Please consider that when opting for band pegs the platform must be bolted to the floor for safety reasons.


Cheaper models of platforms use plywood to cut costs resulting in a low quality lifting platform. Here at Kustom Kit we don't believe in this and opt to use solid rubber flooring that is especially manufactured for us to be denser than regular matting ensuring no damage to the floor below.

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