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Keeping the gym floor tidy and free from plates, bands, collars etc is the bugbear  of many a gym owner and gym user.  

It's always handy to have one place to keep everything stored away, helping to keep your gym floor clear and keeping all the usual gym accessories on hand for your members.  

Our Ultimate Storage Station can help achieve all these things.  

It will offer one place to store up to 1500kg of plates so there's no excuse to have a messy gym.  Each corner of the storage station includes a barbell holder and the usual hooks at the very top of the station allow you to tidy away bands, collars and chain.  


As the Storage Station is capable of holding a serious amount of weight we've opted to manufacture it from 4mm thick steel box section making it super strong.

We've also included a bolt down tab in each corner of the station so you have the choice of bolting it to the floor giving additional stability.

As with all of our products, the Storage Station is manufactured in the UK and can be powder coated in a colour of your choice to match your gym colours.