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Our Gym Stations collection offer a variety of products allowing you to train using your own bodyweight.  

Items such as the Sissy Squat and Single Leg Squat Stand are perfect to target your leg muscles also helping to improve your stability and because of their compact design they are perfect for home and garage gyms and still strong enough for commercial facilities. 

If you're looking to target your posterior chain, adding muscle and strength, then you have two choices for the glute ham raise.  Our economy GHR is a floor based machine that is perfect to hit your glutes and hamstrings.  If you are after a machine with more versatility than our Edge Glute Ham Developer is ideal as it includes features such resistance and assistance band pegs and numbered adjustments for easy use.  

For the upper body, this collection features items including our heavy duty freestanding Tricep Dip, a unique style item which gives you a solid platform to undertake tricep dips.  

You have two choices for bicep isolation with either the Seated Preacher Bench or the Standing Preacher Curl bench.  Both of these items are extremely comfortable to use whilst effectively isolating your biceps for a truly great workout.  

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