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A Glute Ham raise machine, also known as a Glute Hamstring Developer is designed specifically for training the posterior chain. 

Our Edge model is extremely heavy duty and suitable for all commercial facilities and sports clubs. 

It's often overlooked but is in fact crucial in functional strength training and is extremely popular amongst powerlifters and crossfit athletes providing crossover to the core lifts such as deadlift and squat. 

Designed to activate and strengthen the lower body, the equipment works by providing support to your ankles whilst allowing your knees to rest on the steel reinforced half moon upholstery pad.

This in turn lets you extend your body into a horizontal position.  The real work happens when you contract your hamstrings and Glutes in order to pull your upper body back into a vertical position. 


When you buy a glute ham raise machine from Kustom Kit you can benefit from features such as a solid 5mm steel foot plate giving you a firm platform for your feet to push against while the extra wide base will give you stability during the heaviest training sessions.

We use high quality stitched upholstery with a 'split' design as standard. The upholstery is made from solid dense foam unlike cheaper models produced from wood which crack and warp over time.

We manufacture our GHR as a bolt together assembly with 9mm steel tapped bolt holes resulting in a near bullet proof construction, this makes it not only easy to assemble but allows it to be moved into the tightest spaces with minimal effort.


Our machine features resistance pegs on the front foot which allow you to increase the resistance at the top of the movement using resistance bands. Alternatively, if you're new to using the machine you will find a machined assistance peg on the rear back plate very helpful to reduce the resistance at the bottom of the movement and give you a helping hand during the hardest part of the movement

Getting on and off a GHR machine can sometimes be tricky so we included a large 8mm foot plate to make access easy for anyone

Our ankle upholstery rollers run independently on a nickel plated rail and feature numbered adjustments allowing you to get the optimum machine set up, time after time.

The large carriage runs on two horizontal nickel plated rails which provide stability and feature a 'push' and 'pull' handle giving you easy adjustment. We also included numbered adjustments allowing you to achieve easy set up when training clients or in groups.


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