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Our Plate Loaded Low Row machine has independent isolateral moving arms allowing you to train each side of your upper back independently.  This will enable you to build both strength and muscle symmetry in an effective way as it prevents your more dominant muscles from taking the lead.

Unlike cheaper models we have used a variety of features to help users get the best of their workouts. 

Lets start first with the seat adjustments

Both the seat pad and chest pad are fully height adjustable allowing users of all shapes to set the pads to the correct position.

The hole positions are numbered allowing for fast set up of the equipment.

Not only that but we nickel plate the adjustment arms resulting in a great looking machine that will stand the test of time!

The second point to note is that the seat also has the ability to adjust the angle allowing you to hit deeper parts of your back that you wouldn't of otherwise been able to hit using a 'standard' plate loaded low row.

Again we have numbered and nickel plated these for long life and they run on twin roller bearings providing smooth trouble free adjustments

So that's the user position all taken care off now we can look at the other adjustable features available on this low row


The knurled handles rotate in 2 planes of movement helping to cater to users of all shapes and sizes and those that want to develop certain area's of their back by 'twisting' the handle during the last part of the movement

The Iso Lateral arms move independently from each other and can be set at different points depending on the users arm length. We also included a grab handle behind the chest pad to allow the user to brace themselves during single handed rowing movements

Our Plate Loaded Low Row has the option to upgrade to two 250mm weight horns for plate storage saving on the cost of weight trees whilst making use of the floor area and reducing health and safety risks.

Our Low Row runs on 30mm stainless steel machined shafts and contains 14 bearings to give the user the best workout possible!


Not only does our Plate Loaded Row offer excellent build quality it offers more adjustability than any other machine on the market.

Steel welded end caps, reinforced threaded connections and a bolt together design make assembly and installation a breeze.

Unlike a low row with a cable or pulley there is very little to malfunction on our Plate Loaded Models and unlike selectorised machines you don't pay for the weight to be sat there while it's not being used

This really is the ultimate piece for any commercial gym or personal training studio!