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Our Pinnacle plate loaded lat pullover effectively isolates your lats, building muscle and increasing strength and it offers a build quality you simply won't find anywhere else.  

The lat pullover is a unique machine that, back in the 70’s, coined the phrase “the upper body squat”. That’s because of its effectiveness at not only hitting the lats, but also a large proportion of muscles within the upper body. 

It has a bit of a reputation as a ‘hard-core’ machine so it’s perfect for bodybuilders and anyone else looking to push their weight training up a notch or two.

The Pinnacle lat pullover has been manufactured using a band as opposed to a cable and super strong 30mm bearings. This means that when the machine is in use it’s incredibly fluid and smooth.


It may look complicated but it’s a very straightforward machine to utilise. Simply, adjust the angled seat to your ideal starting position. Centre your elbows on the chamfered elbow pads and grasp the bar overhead with both hands. Pull the bar in a downward motion until it reaches you abdomen. Slowly bring your arms back to the overhead, stretched position and remember to keep the movement controlled throughout. To ensure you effectively hit your lats, keep your chest up and pull with your elbows with the aim of keeping your biceps out of movement.

The side loading horns are easy to access so loading the machine up is quick and straightforward. We’ve also opted to zinc plate them so they won’t chip and rust and will stay in great condition.