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    The Reactor V1 45 degree leg press is a fantastically engineered piece of gym equipment designed to carry a huge load.  If space is an issue within your facility you needn't worry that a leg press will take up huge amounts of room as the Reactor V1 has a much smaller footprint than others. 

    Running smoothly on huge 50mm rails with four high quality linear bearings, this 45 degree leg press is built to carry upwards of 600kg on the machined solid steel extra long weight horn. 


    The custom upholstered back rest offers you a large base increasing your stability during the biggest of sets. It measures over 500mm wide with a solid steel backing plate.

    With this leg press you have the option of including band pegs so you can add dynamic resistance or assistance to the movement and additional weight horns for plate storage.

    Unlike other cheaper models of leg press which are welded in one piece we have manufactured ours to be easily dismantled to help with moving your gym equipment up stairs and through narrow doorways.

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