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A Reverse Hyper Machine effectively targets and isolates your glutes and hamstrings, adding mass and building strength.  Hitting these particular muscles will offer fantastic carry over to compound movements such as squats and deadlifts meaning you can significantly increase your max lifts. 

The Reverse Hyperextension movement keeps spinal load to a minimum and, as it aids with improving strength to your posterior chain, this also assists with improving lower back health. 

By utilising a Reverse Hyper machine you can be sure you undertake this movement safely and effectively.  Whilst it’s a fairly niche machine don’t overlook the benefits as regular and consistent use will work wonders for you if you suffer from lower back pain making it a fantastic rehab tool and perfect if you want to see your deadlift and squat numbers go through the roof! 


Whilst the functionality of our machine remains the same, allowing you to undertake the reverse hyper movement with ease, it offers a number of differences to others on the market.

First off, the quick release strap attachment allows you to switch between using the leg straps provided or leg rollers (purchased separately) depending on your preference.  

The Orion is manufactured with a twin pivot system so this will allow you to easily work one leg at a time. So if you are just getting the hang of the reverse hyper movement you can perfect the single leg variation before moving across to the bilateral movement.

As standard it features an adjustable chest pad allowing you to change the angle from +15 degrees down to -15 degrees in 5 degree increments. Changing the angle will result in hitting different parts of your posterior chain, when the pad is facing down you will find you hit more of your lower back and tilt the pad the other way will result in more emphasis on your glutes and hamstrings mimicking more of a 45 degree hyper extension.

To ensure the machine can be used by all athletes we’ve also incorporated two different handle positions. Both of which can be adjusted to either bring them closer to you or push them further away.

The resistance band pegs are ideal to use if you want to make the reverse hyper movement even more challenging and you have the choice to upgrade with adding additional weight horns keeping plates on hand at all times.


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