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    If you have limited space at your home or commercial gym and want to invest in some leg equipment, our Rush squat stands could be ideal for you. 

    These portable stands are hand made and can be dismantled into two smaller section so you can easily store them away after use.  Because of this feature it also makes transportation a breeze. 

    These stands are incredible value for money as they still offer the finer details you've come to expect with our equipment.  The barbell catchers are zinc plated to prevent chipping and corrosion and they include inbuilt steel barbell rollers to help you centre the bar with ease. 

    We've included two holes at the front of the stands so you can bolt in weight storage horns.  Perfect for safe storing of your plates and to provide extra stability to the stands during your heaviest of lifts, especially useful for when weight is thrown back into the rack. 


    You can adjust the height of these stands from 1050mm to over 1775mm so you're sure to find the correct height and with increments at 40mm the ideal barbell height is easy to achieve.

    We want to make you like the look of these stands so we've featured laser cut steel end caps meaning you don't need to worry about unsightly plastic caps which can come loose and leave sharp edges.

    If you're after something offering a bit more versatility and to competition specification then take a look at our popular Kombo Rack which features adjustable hand grips and an inbuilt bench.