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Our stand alone Equinox squat rack is hand made with tough 4mm thick steel and weighs in at over 150kg giving you an unshakeable piece of equipment which can stand up to serious use.

The bar holders feature close bar spacing so you'll easily find your perfect barbell rack height.  If you'd prefer wider bar rack spacing then simply let us know and we can make it to your requirements.  The bar holders are also nickel plated, which is a superior finish over powder coating meaning they won't chip and rust keeping the rack in great condition through the toughest of workouts. 

The Equinox Squat Rack is also ideal for a home gym and takes up considerably less space than our bigger racks such as the Catalyst V2 Power Rack or Catalyst V3 Half Rack.  

Not only used for squatting you'll find this rack very versatile. As standard, the rack offers band pegs so you can deadlift at the front of the rack and thanks to the additional upgrades of the zinc plated rack pull supports you can position your bar 400mm above the floor which is ideal for stiff legged deadlifts or shrugs.

With two barbell holders fitted you can safely store your bars away and keep them at arms length for when you need them. You can also choose to add on some weight horns to store away plates. The rack can be bolted to the floor with the tabs securing it in place for your heavy deadlift and squat sessions.

If you'd like some extra storage for your facility you can opt to have some tough steel shelving which will easily hold over 100kg in weight. These can be fitted to the rear of the rack providing additional space for kettlebells, bands, chains and anything else lying around the gym floor.


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