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Glute Ham Raise

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  • Assistance & Resistance Band Pegs
  • Adjustable foot plate
  • Independant adjustable rollers 

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Looking for a glute ham raise to develop your posterior chain?

The Kustom Kit Deluxe Glute Ham raise can also be known as a glute hamstring developer. The Kustom kit model is a heavy duty and suitable for all commercial facilities and sports clubs.

A Glute ham raise is an overlooked piece of gym equipment but crucial in functional strength training and is extremely popular among Powerlifters and Crossfit athletes.

Designed to activate and strengthen the posterior the GHR works by providing support to the ankles while allowing the knees to rest on the half moon pad and the body extend into a horizontal position.The real work happens when you use your posterior chain of muscles in order to pull your upper body up to a vertical position.

Why should you choose our Glute ham developer?

Glute Ham Raise thread connection

When you buy a Glute Ham Raise from Kustom Kit you can benefit from features such as a solid 5mm steel foot plate giving you a firm platform for your feet to push against while the extra wide base gives stability to the biggest of lifters.

Unlike other cheap Glute Ham Raises we use high quality stitched upholstery and use a bolt together assembly with 9mm steel tapped bolt holes resulting in a near bullet proof construction which is easy to assemble, ship and manoeuvre into and out of crowded gyms.

Glute Ham Raise Foot Plate Connection

The Kustom Kit Glute Ham Raise features resistance pegs on the front foot and assistance pegs on the rear back plate allowing you to add a dynamic movement or assist new lifters into starting to use the glute ham raise.

Glute Ham Raise Upholstery Rollers

Getting on and off a Glute Ham Raise machine can often be a struggle so we have a large foot plate on either side to allow easy access while the ‘lip’ on our upholstery helps to give the lifter a small amount of knee support when setting up.

Our individual upholstery rollers allow independant movement allowing you to achieve the perfect set up while the entire foot plate assembly can slide forward of back helping to accomodate a range of lifters.

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Additional Information

Length (mm) 1474
Width (mm) 950
Height (mm) 1024
Weight (kg) 100.0000
  1. Glute and Hammy Builder! review by Body Bionic Gym on 26/06/2016

    Fully adjustable piece of kit great for every member of our gym. Attachments for resistance bands to make exercise either more challenging or easier depending on fitness level. Must have for every "Leg Day"

  2. Crucial gym kit to better my deadlift review by Danny Taylor (Taylor's Strength & Conditioning) on 08/03/2016

    A must have piece of kit for any gym serious about strength. At Taylor’s Strength we cater for competitive Powerlifters, and the Glute Ham Raise is an invaluable piece of equipment to improve our teams strength capabilities.

    It’s very heavy duty kit, but I can already feel the benefit after using it for a couple of days, I’m excited to see how it effects our deadlift numbers!

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