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Legacy Olympic Lifting Platform

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  • Heavy Duty Design
  • Band Peg Upgrades
  • Solid Rubber and Wood


What makes our Kustom Kit LEGACY Olympic Weightlifting Platform the best in the industry?

If you take your sport seriously you won’t go far wrong in purchasing our top of the line Olympic Weightlifting platform. Let me explain to you the reasons why you should choose Kustom Kit for your commercial gym equipment
There are major differences between stock Olympic Platforms which swamp the market and our Legacy range.

Problems which occur within the fitness market when buying poor quality deadlift platforms are that as a general rule manufacturers use cheap plywood and thin layers of rubber. Issues soon arise when the plywood starts to crack and warp under the tough conditions of Olympic lifts such as the Clean and Jerk and snatch.

Best UK Gym Deadlift Powerlifting Platform

The LEGACY Olympic Platform excels by using a high quality solid wooden base and solid 50mm rubber surrounded by a steel frame and featuring band pegs to add tension to different parts of the deadlift. Often utilised by powerlifters wrapping bands around the pegs allow you to use a lighter weight on the deadlift bar and benefit from increasing tension as the bar raises and the band stretches. This teaches the lifter to focus on explosive strength and push through the recoil of the weightlifting band.

Our wooden platform measures 1000mm wide by 2000mm long and is made from SOLID Birch imported from Finland. Chosen for its strength and proven track record within the construction industry.

Why have we chosen Finnish Birch for our deadlift platform?

Due to the climate within Finland the tree’s grow slowly  and the wood produced is very close grained and of extremely high quality. As well as the exceptional quality of the wood Finnish imports are subject to additional quality control under the supervision of VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland).
We believe in high quality manufacturing but also sustainable processes which remove or limit any harm to the environment. We have chosen Finnish Birch as Finland enforces good forestry practices and the amount of wood harvested is less than the annual growth of all forests in Finland which cover 2/3 of the land area.

Positioned on either side of the weightlifting platform is 2sqm of solid 50mm rubber which limits damage to any floors and reduces shock and noise withint the gym facility.

Our LEGACY Olympic Platform measures 2860mm by 2110mm giving the lifter plenty of room to perform lifts.

Looking for something that's all rubber? That’s not a problem at all, just select the option above

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Weight (kg) 400.0000
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