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    There are two ways to finance new gym equipment

    Business Lease -Only available in the UK

    The first is known as business leasing and is undertaken by a finance company who essentially purchase the equipment on your behalf and split the total cost into manageable monthly payments over a fixed term (usually 36 or 60 months) and at the end of it allow you to own the piece of equipment.

    These forms of finance incurr a rate of interest as the 'debt' is assigned to the business rather than the person providing a higher amount of risk for the funder which is shown through higher interest rates in comparrison to personal finance. These forms of finance do provide certain benefits such as

    • 100% of every lease payment is tax deductible
    • Fixed payments every month over terms of up to 5 years allowing you to plan your finances
    • Potential of leasing anything from £1000 > £1000000
    • Allows for reclaiming of VAT

    Simply add an item to your shopping cart and proceed with your business lease application and get a phone call from our finance provider to progress your application (coming soon)

    Personal Finance -Only available in the UK to orders under £10,000

    This form of finance provides a much shorter duration of finance between 6 &12 months and is tied to the person making you personally responsible for the debt. The benefit of personal finance is that it is provided at Kustom Kit Gym Equipment with 0% APR essentially allowing you to place a deposit of 10% and split the remaining bill free of charge!

    Like business leasing you own the product at the end of the term. Simply add an item to your shopping cart and proceed with your finance application for a decision within 48 hours.

    Kustom Kit Gym Equipment offer a flexible finance solution that will allow you to spread the cost of the equipment into manageable monthly amounts with no upfront costs required.


    Financing is a simple, cost effective way to fund essential equipment to grow and support your business, whilst minimising the drain on working capital.

    By spreading the cost of the equipment over the life of an agreement, it allows you to offset the cost against increased business income, realised by the new equipment.


    In few simple steps, you will discover that Kustom Kit Gym Equipment can help you to achieve your equipment needs.

    Our experience and expertise allows us to not only provide a professional service but also deliver the most competitive and flexible finance solution.

    With credit available from £1,000 upwards on business leasing or £250-£9999 for personal finance, we believe we can help you finance that much needed equipment.


    • The cost of the gym equipment can be spread over the lifetime of the asset, allowing you to offset the cost against future earnings.
    • Access to higher standard of equipment that may be too costly to buy outright.
    • Upgrading the equipment is easy just add items to your shopping cart and follow the prompts (coming soon)
    • Fixed monthly payments make it easier to forecast.
    • Financing preserves your other credit lines (overdrafts, loans), allowing you to keep them open for future use.

    We source the best finance option, ensuring a flexible and tailor made solution to benefit our customers.