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    Our V5 Full Power Rack is part of our luxury Catalyst range and is as durable as it is stylish.

    A power rack, also known as a squat cage or power cage, is perfect for users who want to undertake freeweight barbell exercises with the assistance of the rack acting as its spotter.  They are incredibly functional and can be used for many exercises including squats, bench press, barbell over rows, racks pulls, overhead press etc. making them a must for any commercial gym facility. 

    As with all our equipment, it’s manufactured here in the UK from exceptionally strong thick steel box section.  This provides you with an incredibly tough and stable rack.  The design is that of an I Beam style similar to that seen in the structural support of buildings so you can feel confident that this rack will last you a lifetime. 

    As we opt to manufacture the Catalyst V5 power rack with thick steel box section this offers the advantage of making the rack heavy and at over 200kg you won’t encounter any instability or wobble when in use.  Despite this we do still recommend you take advantage of the inbuilt feet and bolt the rack to the floor. 

    If you’d prefer a rack without the plate storage then take a look at our Catalyst V2 Power Rack or if a space saving rack is your preference, then you can’t go wrong with the Catalyst V3 Half Rack.  Each rack offers unique differences but all offer the same build quality. 



    As standard the Catalyst V5 power rack includes both upper and lower band pegs, this adds even more versatility to your rack giving the user the opportunity to incorporate dynamic training within their workouts.

    The rack is built at a height of just over 2200mm which is why we also offer you the chance to upgrade with a pull up bar.

    The nickel plated J Hooks for holding your barbell are made from 8mm thick steel and include a stainless steel roller so adjusting your barbell, even when it’s loaded, is quick and easy.

    We have also considered those of you who prefer to squat with a wide stance and manufacture the rack with a wider base than others you’ll see on the market giving you plenty of space to easily execute a wide stance squat.

    As with all our of racks, you can incorporate a lifting platform if you wish, just contact us for more information.