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Build incredible size and strength to your upper back whilst keeping any stress of your lower back with our Chest Supported T Bar Row.

The Kustom Kit Chest Supported T Bar Row is a unique design that is not only comfortable to use but allows for multiple standing positions.  

The best part of this unique back building machine is the pivoting handle system.  The handles have multiple ranges of movement so when using this machine you'll find it offers a very natural rowing feel.

The handle adjustments mean that each handle is capable of rotating a full 360 degrees whilst the entire handle pivots forward and back. 

The rest position for the pivoting arm is close to the starting point of the movement allowing the user to easily un-rack and re-rack the weight.  Other T Bar Rows involve the user swinging weight a significant distance before the movement can be executed 


Our Chest Supported T Bar Row has been built with an adjustable chest pad which features a pin to lock this in making it very sturdy with no wobble. The chest pad adjustment is nickel plated so won't chip and rust and it's been engraved with numbering for quick set up.

The nickel plated 500mm weight horn gives you the ability to load up to 400kg of weight so you won't outgrow this machine any time soon and the conveniently placed handle makes it easy to get on and off.

The four roller bearings ensure a consistent and smooth feel no matter what weight you've loaded on and with all contact points featuring stainless steel to offer rust protection, your investment will stay looking incredible for longer.