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    Are you looking for an olympic bar to give greater variation in pressing movements?

    The Kustom Kit football bar (an alternative to our Swiss bar) offers great variation in your pressing movements and has been built to withstand a lifetime of heavy duty commercial gym use.
    Because of the angled grips it is primarily used to take additional stress off of the front deltoids and can be perfect for those with pressing injuries.

    Handles positioned at 595mm/415mm and 235mm give you a large range of options to target different parts of a muscle

    When you choose a football training bar you should be looking for something that has plated weight horns and is heavy in construction indicating high grade steel has been used

    Don't sacrifice the small details, they make the difference!

    This bar will put great emphasis on stability during pressing movements and puts the triceps under more tension than other traditional weightlifting or powerlifting bars.

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