Creating a wide back is no easy feat, this can be easily achieved using our prone row bench.  You may find yourself undertaking endless pull ups and heavy rowing movements.  Whilst these exercises are of course beneficial, it can sometimes be difficult maintaining correct posture especially whilst moving maximum weight. 

This is where our Forge prone row bench comes in.  It enables you to target the upper back muscles whilst offering full support to your torso.  As you'll be undertaking this movement in a downward position it will eliminate any 'cheating' giving you a truly hardcore back workout! 


The bench is manufactured from 4mm steel section making it incredibly robust. It's also versatile with 3 bar hooks so you can choose your ideal start position and thanks to the ergonomic upholstery pad and adjustable ankle rollers it's both comfortable and practical to use.

By using one of our specialist prone row bars you'll be able to pull the weight towards your chest and contract the mid back targeting a wider range of muscles.