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Executing a perfect deadlift is no easy feat but it’s a great compound movement for targeting your posterior chain muscles.  Most people tend to deadlift using a regular straight bar but if you’re someone who wants to deadlift whilst minimising any stress on your lower back due to an injury then the Hex Trap Bar could be just what you’re looking for. 

In fact, by having to squat down further than if you were to deadlift with a straight bar, the Hex Trap Bar will allow you put even more stress on your glutes, hamstrings and quads making it a fantastic specialist bar to include within your lower body training.  It also minimises any stress to your lower back when compared to a regular deadlift as you aren’t required to lean over. 

The Hex Trap Bar looks a little unusual in its design but the overall purpose of this bar is to allow you to step in to the centre and perform deadlifts, squats or even shrugs in a safe and very effective way.   


The bar itself is built from heavy duty 4mm steel and features knurled handles as standard, this provides you with extra grip.

The weight horns are finished with nickel plating which is a superior shiny finish which won’t chip or rust and each horn includes a plastic cap which cover the welds so your plates will sit flush to the bar and won’t become damaged or wobble around when in use.

The racking pins make this bar ideal for any racks with J Hooks ranging between 1050mm and 1300mm apart.

The Nickel plated weight horns and reinforced racking pins make this perfect for any racks with J Hooks between 1050mm and 1300mm apart.


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