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Then look no further!  Our plate loaded isolateral tricep dip is in a league of its own.

This plate loaded machine will enable you to concentrate on symmetrical muscle building and unlike other alternatives, which can allow dominant arms to take over most of the pressing movement, ours will prevent this happening thanks to its independent moving arms.   

Replicating the movement of a traditional bodyweight dip with angled handles, we can ensure each tricep is worked as hard as the other resulting in better coordination in pressing movements which has a great carry over to exercises such as the bench press.

It features bolt down tabs which allow you to secure on uneven floors and improve safety in your training facility. 

An added benefit of this piece is that it doubles up as a shrug machine, with conveniently located handles at the base you can simply load up the weight and start shrugging. We didn't stop there though, as an additional extra we decided to add some inner handles which allow you to focus on a partial close grip floor press in order to hit the triceps even more!

As standard with all of our plate loaded machines it features zinc plated weight horns increasing life and helps to reduce corrosion. We also include a thick rubber bump stop which reduces noise and protects both the plates and your gym equipment.

As standard this machine comes with fixed handles however you can upgrade to adjustable handles using the options above


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