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Our Plate Loaded V Squat Machine is primarily used to target your quads and to a lesser extent your hamstrings and glutes.  It does all of this whilst keeping much of the stress off of your lower back so it’s great if you don’t feel comfortable doing barbell squats or if you happen to be suffering from any back injuries.

This machine will allow you to squat safely without the need for a spotter.

The Nexus V Squat is manufactured here in the UK and features two reinforced 30mm bearings and an 8mm wide stance extra thick foot plate.  The extra thick foot plate offers fantastic stability and due to its large size, offers a broad range of foot placements helping you to effectively target your leg muscles. 

Unlike other V Squat machines, the Nexus features angled upholstery pads which allow for front or back squatting adding to its versatility and thick handled grips for stability giving you the confidence and support to push your lifts to the max.

You can choose to add additional weight horns to the Nexus giving you the space to store up to 350kg worth of Olympic Plates.


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