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A leg press machine is a core product for many commercial gyms and is a fantastic way to target your lower body mainly hitting your quads and perfect if you don't want to squat.  

Our 45 degree Leg Press machine is a fantastically engineered piece of gym equipment designed to carry a large load.  If space is an issue within your facility you needn't worry that a leg press will take up huge amounts of room as this leg press has a much smaller footprint than others. 

Running smoothly on thick 40mm rails with four high quality linear bearings, this leg press machine is built to carry upwards of 600kg on the weight horns.


Our latest Reactor V1 45 Degree Leg Press features a choice of two options

A standard or oversize leg press carriage

So what's the difference?

The single carriage features one weight horn with 840mm of loadable weight horn space, its small, compact and great for most small to medium facilities.

The oversize carriage steps it up a notch and features more loadable weight horn space thanks to 6 weight horn positions. Totalling 1880mm of loadable sleeve space and an extra wide 900mm foot plate it's great for those who prefer a wide stance foot position.

While giving greater foot placement and weight storage we also found it important that our leg press stay compact for use in commercial gym's.

When selecting the oversize carriage option the floor area will stay the same but it will add an additional 162mm onto each side of the carriage


Conveniently positioned safety bars are nickel plated and built from tough 10mm steel ensuring two different starting positions while the built in safety stop prevents the carriage from crushing anyone should you fail a lift.

The custom upholstered back rest offers a large base increasing your stability and comfort during the biggest of sets. Measuring over 500mm wide with a solid steel backing plate this is designed for full commercial use.


With our leg press we have included the band pegs as standard allowing you to add dynamic resistance or assistance to the pressing movemet and if additional weight horns are required they can be added now or later thanks to it's pre drilled holes.

Unlike cheaper models of leg press which are welded in one piece we have manufactured ours to be easily dismantled to help with moving your gym equipment up stairs and through narrow doorways.


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