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Seated Preacher bench

Paradigm Seated Preacher Bench

Made to Order

The Paradigm seated preacher bench will enable you to undertake bicep curls with complete isolation on your biceps in a stable and controlled way helping to add muscle and increase strength.  Seated preacher benches are designed to be used with lighter weight with the movement being slow and higher repetitions for a real bicep pump.

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  • Adjustable seat position
  • Robust design
  • Shallow angle offering support
  • Nickel plated safety bars that won't chip or rust


  • Length:  1120mm
  • Width:  744mm
  • Height:  920mm




As goods are made to order, lead time can depend on current workload. 

Typical lead times vary between 20 to 50 working days. 

If you would like a more specific timeframe please contact us.

Seated Preacher bench

Our Paradigm Seated Preacher Bench is perfect to effectively isolate your biceps. Performing preacher curls whilst sitting will prevent you from ‘swinging’ your arms.  This essentially prevents you from cheating and helps to build your biceps and increase your strength.  

The Preacher Bench is designed to help you perform bicep curls with absolutely perfect form in a slow and controlled way using lighter weights but higher volume giving your biceps a great pump.  

Our seated preacher bench, like all of our other equipment, has been designed by us in order to provide the best angles and finishes.  With an adjustable seated position and heavy duty design this preacher bench is perfect for any personal or commercial training facility.


This bench is manufactured offering a shallow angle which will give you perfect support whilst you train.  The safety bars are finished with a high quality nickel plating eliminating chances of chipping and rusting. 

Seated Preacher bench
seated preacher bench

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